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About Us-

Business Closing January 30, 2019

Last class: Yin Yoga at 5:45pm

Yoga for Health & Wellness

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Elements of yoga practice have become increasingly popular with both medical and mental health professionals. Meditation, one of yoga's most important practices, has been found effective in the treatment of a wide variety of physical and psychological problems, including coronary artery disease, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. 

Yoga is a holistic science embodying the basic principle of organic, interconnectedness of different facets of life. It is not a mere set of exercises. It goes beyond the physical exercises and connects the body with thought processes. It seeks to build a lifestyle that values calmness, harmony and positive thinking.

Benefits of Yoga

Increased muscle strength and tone

Improved respiration, energy and vitality
Maintaining a balanced metabolism
Cardio and circulatory health
Improved athletic performance

Protection from injury

Reduce stress & anxiety

Boost immunity

Improve mental focus 

You can count on our skilled instructors to guide you through your wellness journey.

Teaching Styles

There are substantial differences between yoga teaching styles.  Anna's teaching style is a mixture of instruction, education, and encouragement.  Anna says, "My students tend to be the type that don't like "fluff," so the aim of my teaching is to get my point across clearly in a practical, simple, and direct way with little room for confusion."  Students will need to find teacher(s) who resonate with their own learning.