Anna Davis, RN, RYT-500, CPT

Anna completed the 500-hour yoga teacher’s training program at The Yoga Tree, San Francisco in April 2017. Her area of focus is the use of yoga as a modality for health and wellness. She has attended more than 300 hours of yoga education for her personal enrichment and knowledge. Her training enables her to assist students in connecting and integrating their mind-body-spirit through yoga practice. Anna’s approach is based on each person’s own abilities and limitations at the present time due to health, fitness, illness, and injury.

Anna’s education and experience set her apart from other teachers.  As as registered nurse and office manager, her work settings include emergency department and trauma, orthopedic spine, and cardiology. Many students come to her because their health care providers suggested yoga; sometimes for flexibility or core strengthening but mostly for stress reduction.

Anna has completed her first-year of studies an accredited yoga therapy program at the Stress Management Center in Marin, California. She does her best at offering well-rounded classes, ranging from high activity to restorative. For her, she will always be a student and health provider open to learning. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and tips with people seeking wellness for themselves or their loved ones.

She believes and is inspired by this paraphrased quote from Judith Lasater, a wonderful yoga teacher: “When carving a stone, a sculptor removes everything that is not the statue. The art of revealing the beauty lies in removing what conceals it. Self-evolution and gradual self-knowing as one chisels away that which is not Self. Making yoga practice who you are and not what you do.”

If you have concerns, call Anna. You can contact her for aikido and self-defense, personal training, and yoga. At times, 2-3 private 1-hour sessions may be very useful and necessary to get started depending on your individual needs.