Melissa Lapeña, RYT – 200

Melissa began practicing yoga in 2004 in an emotionally and physically fragile state. She became engulfed with an eating disorder and used yoga as a way to burn calories and recover from the abuse she had subjected her body to for years. Once she allowed the transformative properties of yoga to enter her spiritual being, Melissa was able to heal her body from the inside out—becoming empowered in her own skin for the first time in her life.

Melissa completed an RYT-200 certification in June 2015. Her focus as a teacher is to empower others to respect their bodies through mindful movement while incorporating deep stretching and gentle strength building sequences. She encourages students to move in the way their body guides them and to believe in the healing properties of the yoga practice as a whole.

Yoga is truly for everyBODY and every asana taken is an opportunity to discover something new about the physical and emotional self. Come join her to build a strong foundation for your practice, honor yourself, and learn to love and appreciate the temple you have been given. Come as you are and allow self-love to guide you to your bliss. Namaste.

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