The essence of aikido is rooted in non-violence.  The primary goal in aikido is harmony within yourself and good relations between people.  In today's climate, where bullying and aggression in the home, work place, and in public becomes the norm.  You are your first line of defense.  This ongoing class is to prepare you mentally, physically, and emotionally on how to set your personal boundaries and how to defend against violence when necessary.

The 3 Ds: Detect, Deflect, and Defend is the mantra (repeated affirmation) to motivate and inspire behaviors leading to action to avoid, dissipate, or resolve conflict.  You have choices on the level of which to take action(s) if you are prepared, but if you lack ability, your outcome is limited.  This class is not about competition or looking for a fight, but preparing yourself to apply ethical use of force to stay safe.


Practical aikido is about training smart, not hard and putting ethical self defense into your body and hands.

Anna Davis, Instructor, 3rd Dan Aikido

Who should take this class?

This class is for men and women over the age 15 who want to explore their options to stay safe. The statistics are grim as over 50% of sexual assaults to women are perpetrated by intimate partners, 40% are by acquaintances for women and 50% for men.  

Anna has trained in aikido for over 15 years and wants to teach and explore effective application of movements appropriate for each individual.  Each person's physical ability, mental fortitude, and emotional response will direct one's training. Hope for the best; Prepare for the worst is a healthy, practical attitude.  Sign up for your complimentary class HE‚ÄčRE

Dress comfortably (dogi, uniform is optional), bring water and towel.